December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hope your holiday season is filled with humor, health and happiness!

Me? I'll be running around doing last minute errands for my cousin's wedding (Part Two) in a few days. Merry stinkin' Christmas!

December 19, 2009

So, are you back yet?

I went to a party last night. Probably not the best idea I've ever had, seeing as how a) I'm still recovering from this pesky cold, and b) parties in Cairo usually blow. True to form, it was crowded, smokey, and the music was questionable at best. One friend said it felt like a Sadie Hawkin's dance - complete with ribbons tied around the poles strategically placed around the venue (and the girl dancing up on one of them, but that's neither here nor there). At one point, the DJ played Michael Jackson's Human Nature. Where does one go after hearing that song AT A PARTY?! where other people are there? and it's not in one's bedroom?

Now, at every party I've been to since moving back to Cairo from London three years ago, I've seen the same people and had the same conversations over and over again. When I started wearing glasses the year I was away, I came back and people all of a sudden failed to recognize me. I'm telling you, it was some crazy Clark Kent activity. I'd lift my glasses up, and people would be like, "O! YOU! I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE YOU!" Really? Because it's not like I was wearing these...

For the past two years or so now, the comments are less 'o-you-look-so-different-now' and more 'so-are-you-based-here-now?' I kid you not, I was asked this no less than eight times last night. And all I could think about was, you saw me a few months ago, and I said yes. And a few months before that, my answer was also 'affirmative.' And the few months before that? You guessed it! Yes.

So, Internet, my question is: Have I really been living under a rock or is everyone an idiot? Because this brown skin isn't a result of dirt build-up. I've seen the sun.

December 15, 2009

DC - Day 2

The main reason behind my trip stateside was my cousin's (whadduuup) wedding. The day was all fun and games until four women had to pile into a bathroom to do their hair and makeup. Let's all take a minute to say thanks for the fact that that ended with no serious injuries or death. Of course my travel buddy got involved in the action. I'll let him tell the rest of this story...

So, here I am helping the bride with her makeup. This tennis elbow I seem to have developed from holding my arm like this wasn't helping much, but I tried my best.

Here I am with the dinner menu at the wedding, as well as the baby tabasco sauce that was served with our oysters and the most delicious pumpkin drink ever.

After the dinner reception, we made our way over to the W Hotel (in a limo - what whaaaat!), where we had the nicest service imaginable.

Limo shot:
Hospitality at its finest:

Unfortunately, the night came to an end when the groom passed out. At least he was kind enough to keep me warm in his lapel.

More shenanigans to follow.

December 13, 2009

Hello World!

Internet! Hello! I've missed you and all you have to offer. (That's not really true, have you guys used Hulu in the States - ON DEMAND HIGH DEF TV AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!) But I have missed sharing stories with you here. Where have I been, you ask (or you should ask, if you haven't already)? My cousin (whadduuuup) got married two weeks ago, and I went to Washington, DC for her special day. I gallivanted around DC and New York for a couple weeks, having an awesome time not thinking about Cairo or work. Here's the first installment of photos from my trip, with a little help from my travel buddy, Coqui.

My first full day in DC was on Thanksgiving. Here were are eating our weight in pumpkin and pecan pies.

My boy cousin decided pie wasn't quite complete without some whipped cream, so here we are with his little addition.

Filled to the brim with Thanksgiving deliciousness, we all piled into the car and went to the movies. Taking this photo was almost as obnoxious as the Gulfie kids that shine laser pens at the screen.

It was pretty cold in the movie theater, and since I forgot to bring a jacket for us to share, Coqui slipped into my cousin's shirt for a little warmth. Pervert.

On our way home, we found this donor-cycle that Coqui wanted to ride on. I don't condone motorcycles in any way, shape or form, and Coqui was scolded as soon as we were out of public earshot.

Check back tomorrow, where you'll meet some of our friends, see the sushi that was THE BUSINESS, and get a glimpse at all the wedding festivities!