December 15, 2009

DC - Day 2

The main reason behind my trip stateside was my cousin's (whadduuup) wedding. The day was all fun and games until four women had to pile into a bathroom to do their hair and makeup. Let's all take a minute to say thanks for the fact that that ended with no serious injuries or death. Of course my travel buddy got involved in the action. I'll let him tell the rest of this story...

So, here I am helping the bride with her makeup. This tennis elbow I seem to have developed from holding my arm like this wasn't helping much, but I tried my best.

Here I am with the dinner menu at the wedding, as well as the baby tabasco sauce that was served with our oysters and the most delicious pumpkin drink ever.

After the dinner reception, we made our way over to the W Hotel (in a limo - what whaaaat!), where we had the nicest service imaginable.

Limo shot:
Hospitality at its finest:

Unfortunately, the night came to an end when the groom passed out. At least he was kind enough to keep me warm in his lapel.

More shenanigans to follow.

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Forsoothsayer said...

you're becoming a serious dorkface!