September 23, 2009

Text messages you wish you had

So, I missed my blog's birthday. I'm sad about this, but not THAT sad. I mean, if this blog was my baby, and I forgot to throw a celebration for its first birthday, I'd be a horrible mother, right? But this is the internet, and I don't know how much I care about you guys, so who cares, right? However, cupcakes would have been nice.

Anyway, I need to get back into the regular swing of things over here at thingsonmymindgrapes, and the last time I did this it was a big hit, so here you go. Text messages that currently exist on my phone, part deux:

Please! Take me now.

I was putting make up on and my dad was like do you need help he is all over me

Such flagrant nose picking!

i had some rice with a couple girls last night. long grain.

Damn you crustacean. Your nastiness and craziness amazes me.

do i smell generalization!

One of the EIGHT movers is kind of cute, in a pseudo-vagrant kind of way. I figure that’s still a good statistic for egypt.

Some girl just asked to borrow my notes from last class and I was like “you can HAVE this doodle of a sheep but I don’t know how useful it will be.”

It’ll find a way into the oxford dictionary. I did some favours (notice the u!) for some editors there a few years back but I don’t wanna talk about it.

You whine like a chimp in heat. It’s pathetic.

Just had a flash back of trying to do the splits and falling on my face last night. How old am i?

Just saw hottest guy I’ve seen in real life for some time now. The secretaries actually swooned. Will investigate for you.

Got the job. Will be weird not seeing you in 12 hour intervals.

Econ professor just said regularize 4 times. Then she wrote it on the board.

I’m never going to find a husband.

The leopard vest returns!

At the islamophobia conf @ auc. Btw, terrorism began with the mafia in italy. So, if we want to pt a finger, lets start there.

You is!

Who owns two leopard vests?!

Have a safe flight mon friar

We xam dooo whatever u liiiike haha


spaz said...

I dominate.

Anonymous said...

'terrorism began with the mafia in italy.'

love your blog! although you've really cemented my prejudices towards the so called 'auc' dollar for dollar it's still 10-15 grand cheaper than columbia or nyu. but is it worth it to sacrifice an education for FUN, SUN AND AN EXTRA 15 grand----i think not!

sorry for the tangent.

terrorism began in the 'Emirate of Sicily' yes we set up franchises even back then!

it is very disconcerting to see a learning institution spreading disinformation.


thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Spaz: You dominate my heart, too.

Pax: Glad you like the blog! Also, "spreading disinformation?" You mean, you think terrorism started somewhere OTHER than the Italian mafia? Hmm, interesting theory...

Forsoothsayer said...

sad did not make it in there!

thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Already have you lined up for next installment. Don't fret, mon frere.