October 21, 2009

In defense of home schooling

I met up with a great friend who I hadn't seen in three years last night, and after some catching up, I went over to her house to visit with her parents. Her parents have been in Egypt for quite some time, and are moving back to America next week. After listening to endless stories about my friend's nieces, her mom, Vovo, told me this story, about her other daughter (V) and granddaughter (A), age 5.

A: Mommy, what's a lesbian?

V: Umm...it's when two people really love each other, and they're both girls.

A: Do they kiss?

V: Umm...yes, they kiss.

A: O, so me and Vovo are lesbians!

And that, Internet, is why my children will live in a bubble.

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Amr Adel Amin said...

Uh, why was I not already reading your blog, which contains numerous amusing and entertaining entries? Why is it not in my google reader? It's your fault. Unacceptable.

OK, so it's my fault. I fail but I've rectified this serious matter now.