October 12, 2009

Things I did over the past three days instead of working on the thing I needed to work on

  • Throw up. Twice
  • Nap, watch TV, repeat.
  • Stick my footses in Little One's pocket and shout, "Check your pocket!"
  • Yell at the new guard for ringing the intercom three times while I was napping
  • Yell at the driver for ringing the intercom, thinking he was the guard
  • Curse the freezer for not spilling over with chocolate ice cream
It really is a wonder I manage to put my socks on and make it out the door every morning. And that Little One hasn't smothered me in my sleep.


Forsoothsayer said...

even YOU are doing foot torture! u must be getting better.

thingsonmymindgrapes said...

I even contemplated blogging about the socks I'm wearing today! Your indoctrination has worked, my friend. Bird thing is still a huge issue though.