October 28, 2008

Free Consultation

I work with three doctors - all of whom I've consulted with for various ailments. My wrist pain has not gone away, and may in fact have gotten worse, so this morning I enlisted the advice of one of the three. I pointed to wear it hurt, and Boss Man, who happened to be standing next to the doctor, immediately perked up like me in a candy store.

Boss Man seems to think the pain is a result of the air condition vent in my car that points directly at my wrist while I'm driving. This makes sense in theory as I drive with my left hand at the top of the steering wheel. He says that if I angle the vent in the opposite direction, I'll be good as new in three days.

Does this make sense? Could it be as simple as this? I've been driving for ages - how has this not happened before? This was definitely not on the WebMD list!


Dana said...

My advice to you is don't listen to the Boss Man...

Has your wrist swelled up?
if it has you need to go to a dr. and get an X-ray.

if it is just the bone hurting then maybe you should listen to the Boss Man after all and get some vicks on it. The problem is even if it was the a/c it shouldn't hurt for a whole week!

anyways i'm not a doctor so what the fuck do i know... its just a theory you don't have to listen to it!

Anonymous said...

egyptians LOVE blaming cold air on all ailments! it makes absolutely NO SENSE! ur wrist pain is probably carpal tunnel syndrome and i'm not a doctor! now make sure your butt is covered when you're asleep so you don't have nightmares

Noor said...

Speaking of Egyptians....Just drink some lemonade and it should be fine (if not try Robatusin)

Eureka said...


Forsoothsayer said...

ya benty go to the dr! u only have two wrists! ur mom will know when u get there that u weren't being baby!