October 23, 2008

Inappropriate Much?

This new project has not gotten off on the right...hmm... Let's actually try different phrasing. This new project just isn't going well. First there was the YGE that wanted to know where I was from and why my Arabic sounded like dump trucks in a blender. Yesterday, however, the inappropriateness was taken to a new level.

I was on the phone for a few minutes with one of our externally contracted employees who I've met with about four times now. After talking logistics, he ended the conversation with "merci ya gameel" ("thanks, beautiful"). The thought going through your head right now should vaguely resemble something like this: !?!?!?!?! (Milkshake now knows what people must mean when they end sentences with "?!" because apparently that is what my speaking voice sounds like.)

Under other circumstances, I probably would have greeted this comment with an "aww," (actually, maybe not), but this was just wrong! Where has professionalism gone? And while yes, he is right about my physical appearance, there's no room for this in the workplace! It's bad enough I've endured comments about my height, weight and posterior attributes from other coworkers. Now we're outsourcing them?! This job will be the death of me.


Forsoothsayer said...

i don't think ALL your sentences end that way...just the most emphatic ones.

fal said...

maybe you should lay down some ground rules for the people at work, i.e.:
1) no talking about your butt in the workplace. or ever.
2) no eating out of your plate at lunchtime.
3) no questions until february.

Eureka said...

Outsourcing in EGYPT. Land of the underpayed, overworked slaves. The End is nigh!