October 27, 2008

Looking GangstER

I get cold incredibly quickly, and as the temperature inside my office is usually set to "Arctic Tundra," long-sleeved garments are much appreciated and required. It's a shame that hoodies are not entirely appropriate for the workplace, because New York Magazine is running an article on Stylish Hoodies for In-Between Weather. Upon closer look, however, maybe I shouldn't be taking tips from NYMag. For example:

I don't need to spend $228 for people's attention to be drawn to this particular area:

Also, M.I.A. may be skilled at making music, but at designing clothes she's not:

Again, no need to spend $190 to look like a ragamuffin.

Maybe Sarah Palin can lend me some of her wardrobe budget so I can go out and buy classy skirt suits and thigh-high boots instead.


Dana said...

You are so fucking funny i love your blogs....

Forsoothsayer said...

hoodies are an evil garment designed to make all females look sloppy and square.