October 4, 2008

High School Musical - Without the Music

Last night I met up with five friends, two of whom I've known for fourteen years now, Poo and Big Lips, and one of whom I've known for ten, T.I. While my current friends come close to being the best things since sliced bread, this evening rivaled many current outings of late.

Poo and I have had our ups and downs, from going to prom together in the 11th grade (and nursing T.I. after a cigar-induced stomach ache) and not speaking the whole of 12th, to rekindling our friendship in college. We rarely see each other - usually only when Big Lips or T.I. are in town - even though we work on the same street. Big Lips was my rock in college, moving into the dorms on the same day as me so I wouldn't be lonely, and driving me to the mall so I could buy markers to decorate my door. I was one of the first kids to talk to T.I. when he transfered to our high school in 10th grade. I overlooked his odd-shaped head and his love for all things London (oh how I've learned!), and we've been tight ever since. I haven't seen much of him since leaving the city we both lived in when I was in grad school, so his short trips here are much loved.

While inhaling delicious, albeit insanely overpriced sushi, I realized that our communal friendship had matured beyond sophomoric, surface relations. The boys have this natural bond stemming from their shared Y-chromosomes, and I've always wondered how well I've fit in. In the past, our conversations revolved around our high school friends that got knocked up approximately three minutes after graduation, our classmate that would find ways to turn off our pre-cal teacher's hearing aid, the reasons we got sent to the principal's office, and other various school-related shenanigans. Last night though, we had real conversations about our jobs, our futures, our familiar pressure to find the right guy/girl and settle down, and other adult-like topics. This growth in our friendship made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and made me wish we made more time for each other. Poo, Big Lips and T.I. - you have no idea this blog exists, but I love you.

Also, Mouse was in a horrible car accident yesterday. He's badly bruised and cut up, but it could have been much, much worse. Mouse, don't know what I would have done if anything happened to you. Thanking my lucky stars you're okay.


mouse said...

i love you

mouse said...

although you're in trouble for going to sushi without me, especially after the dessert stunt you pulled off over iftar, u know what i'm talking about..

Mo-ha-med said...

"Poo, Big Lips and T.I. - you have no idea this blog exists, but I love you."

Well, then you should let then know that you do.. Point them to the blog!

thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Pretty sure they know - they just don't know about the blog :)

Forsoothsayer said...

so me and everyone on your gchat list only then :)