May 29, 2009

Might be time to leave the house

So, I'm sick. I thought I'd only be away from the internet, and this blog, for a few days during the flurry of activities surrounding my cousin's wedding, but things took a turn for the worse the day after the final showdown, and I've been in bed pretty much ever since. I carted my butt into work on Monday morning only to be told that I'd be doing field work under the blazing hot sun for six hours. After returning to the office, I promptly planted myself in my car and into my bed as quickly as possible. Since then, nerds, I've been horizontal. And in these 101 hours from 4 pm Monday till 9 pm Friday, I've come to several conclusions.

1. Your family will cook the best food they've made in weeks right when you THINK you're getting better, but the mere taste of a fried potato sends you running back to your bed.

2. Your sister will love you slightly less when she has to wake up to the sound of you vomiting.

3. Your cousin from out-of-town will not object, for the first time ever, to going to a party with music YOU BOTH LIKE, only to have the idea of it shut down on account of not being able to stand on your own chicken legs.

4. The "no white food" diet you went on was pointless, seeing as how everything you've eaten, and ever thought of eating, in the past six months has made a quick exit.

5. The possibility of your appendix growing back, though rare, is still a possibility. Your sister will even read you horrifying web articles on 'stump appendicitis,' whereby a tiny segment of your appendix is pushed into your intestine after an appendectomy, and later goes on to slowly take over your being, leaving you one giant, unnecessary body part.

6. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

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little one said...

we should have looked up your symptoms on WebMD!