February 19, 2009

For When You Don't Have an Actual Gift (Yet)

* Happy birthday, Mom! *

Look - a post specifically for you (and not about anything humorous/embarrassing you've done!). In honor of one of my favorite movies, 10 things I love about you:

1. I love that even though I've learned how to use my opposable thumbs, you'll still make make lunch when I ask you to. I haven't quite figured out if you do this because you truly love me or because you don't want to hear me whine, but either way, I love you for it.

2. I love that even though I yell when you comment on my driving, you speed up and change lanes when I tell you to without uttering a peep.

3. I (secretly) love the songs you sing to the cat even if I roll my eyes and try to cover her ears. All the single kitties...all the single kitties...

4. I (secretly) love your corny jokes. I find myself thinking things that you'd say all the time, but I feel like you should maintain the monopoly on relative lameness.

5. I love that even though you never want me to admit that I'll never wear diamonds (Internet, CTRL + Z that bit of information), you support my decision.

6. I love that you get excited and clap at the tv sometimes, even if it is super weird and you must know they can't hear you.

7. I love that we're becoming better friends. It's a shame we're not the same size. I hear sharing clothes is what friends do. Look into it.

8. I love that we can look at each other without saying anything and know that the other is thinking "o no...what is she WEARING?!" when questionably-clad women walk by.

9. I love when you try to impersonate me and get over animated and squeaky. I guess living with me for 25 years makes you pretty much an expert.

10. I love that after you read this, you'll probably lean over, tell me I could have been funnier and ask why I stopped at 10.


lal said...

lol re number three

HH said...

Where is my gift?

Re#7: dream on!

You could've been funnier

Why did you stop at 10?

Eureka said...

11. I love that our moms seem to be the exact same person!

One of your best, 3enab!